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"National Archives Release Secret Nixon Grand-Jury Summons"
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Author:  sooz06 [ 10/31/18 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  "National Archives Release Secret Nixon Grand-Jury Summons"

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AT LONG LAST 2 hours ago
National Archives Release Secret Nixon Grand-Jury Report

The National Archives on Wednesday released the Watergate Road Map, a document that details former President Nixon’s efforts to cover up the Watergate scandal, for the first time since it was sent to the House Judiciary Committee in 1974. The release comes after Chief U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell unsealed the record in early October at the request of George Shepard, who served on Nixon’s legal defense team. The document, formally titled “Grand Jury Report and Recommendation Concerning Transmission of Evidence to the House of Representatives,” does not provide much new information—but it does provide an inside look at the criminal investigation into the scandal. According to the National Archives, the 62-page record contains “a two-page summary, a set of 53 numbered statements of fact, and 97 supporting documents corresponding to each statement of fact.”

Read it at The National Archives


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