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 Post subject: "A Cure For Wellness"
PostPosted: 02/20/17 2:47 pm • # 1 
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Visually? Amazing. Creep factor? Oh, YES. Characters that you care about? Not so much. The film established early on that our "hero" is kind of a real jerk. So I didn't know if I should root for him, feel sorry for him, or what. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, that's for sure. lol

Plot....well, I think there was one-or several- in there somewhere. It sure kept hinting that there was but the trail of breadcrumbs was a scattered mess. A few sub-plots seemed to hit dead ends, others dragged on and weren't really resolved. Even after the "big reveal" ending (which feels like it was cut from an entirely different film and stapled on, including a graphic scene that really didn't need to be there) we all walked out of the theater with more questions than answers.

So if you decide to give it a try kick back and enjoy the visuals, but don't bother trying to pay attention to details so you'll understand what's actually going on. Chances are you won't. ... es--250395

PostPosted: 02/22/17 6:35 pm • # 2 
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Have a beer and a cigar and your wellness will be cured.

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