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 Post subject: A Rose By Any Other Name
PostPosted: 10/20/13 4:15 pm • # 1 

I got to wondering why you named this board "Voices or Choices" rather than "Voices and Choices"?

Voices OR Choices implies that one can speak their mind (speak up) OR make a choice between something, but one cannot do both: speak up AND make a choice. They're not mutually exclusive!

For example: Joe Smith and Nancy Jones are running for office. Perhaps I totally love Nancy Jones and hate Joe Smith. I would tell the world this. Thus I am both VOICING my support for Nancy Jones AND choosing Nancy Jones. Voicing and Choosing!

PostPosted: 10/21/13 12:19 pm • # 2 
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"Voices or Choices" was the suggestion of an extremely dear friend who was instrumental in getting the group up, running, and active in late 2006 ~ he died much too young in 2007 ~

Our original thought behind the name was and remains that we each have to decide whether to listen to the blather of others' voices or make our own choices ~ that is at least as relevant today as it was 7 years ago ~ the group name will never change ~


PostPosted: 10/28/13 4:10 pm • # 3 
A Rose By Any Other Name still a rose.

PostPosted: 10/30/13 12:01 pm • # 4 

It's also the name of a Star Trek episode.

PostPosted: 10/30/13 6:08 pm • # 5 

PostPosted: 10/30/13 8:34 pm • # 6 
And please go back upstairs. My question here was directed to Sooz and she answered it.

PostPosted: 10/30/13 9:01 pm • # 7 
Perhaps you have this group confused with one that dictates who posts what where. Sooz's perfect answer to your question does not mean that others can not post to your op.

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